About Web Browsers and wbcci.net Websites

If you or your users are having difficulty interacting with your website the browser may be the problem.

WordPress does NOT like talking to Internet Explorer (or at least older versions).  We recommend you use Mozilla Firefox or Chrome to edit your website.

Recent comment from Harold Higgins when his users (NorCal) were having difficulty opening his stored PDF files:

“Everyone who complained to me was using Explorer, and that’s when I’ve also had problems. It could be the problem seemed to get progressively worse as both Explorer and Google were doing updates in recent months.

Google and Mozilla browsers allow the PDFs to snap onto the screen almost instantly.

I found a work around for Internet Explorer browsers. When the document comes up open FILE and then click on DOWNLOAD  and then OPEN. FILE>DOWNLOAD>OPEN

It is a more cumbersome but works. I’m going to add a note to our web site suggesting this workaround for anyone who has problems with an Explorer browser.”