Courtesy Parking

Courtesy Parking is one of the joys of membership at WBCCI!

The next time you are in need of an overnight parking area try one of best kept secrets in WBCCI, Courtesy Parking.  To use the benefit, all you need to do is contact the member in advance either by mail or phone and let them know your plans and wishes.  In most cases, if they will be at home they will welcome you to stay over.

How do I find where Courtesy Parking has been offered by a Member?

Use the map above. Find the member Club Number nearby your planned travel, then use the Membership Directory to locate name, phone number, etc.  Just give them a call as much in advance as you can.  All a Courtesy Parking member is expected to provide is parking, but in most cases they will also support you with whatever utilities they have available. They are not required or expected to do anything else, but what most do is unbelievable.

As an added benefit, the map also shows the location of Airstream Parks!  They charge a fee, but they’re a great place to visit – you’ll feel right at home.

Traveling on the Road with a Smartphone or Tablet?
Our Courtesy Parking Maps are also available for mobile users on your smartphone or tablet!

  • On your mobile device, go to the Apple App-Store, Google-Play Store, Amazon App Store or Windows 8 Store (depending on your phone/tablet).
  • Search for and download the free ArcGIS app from ESRI.
  • When you open the ArcGIS app, do a map search for “WBCCI”.  You may see more than one WBCCI map, but just select the “Courtesy Parking” one (you can also save it as a “Favorite” for quick retrieval later).

Mobile Courtesy Parking Map          


UPDATE: When using a Smartphone it may appear the data is not present. 

Are you using an iPhone or Android device and the ArcGIS app?  With at least the iPhone ArcGIS app, we’ve noticed it is NOT clear that background data is present.  See the attached screenshots.

You’ll notice a small “>” on the right of the lat/long coordinates when one of our data points is selected.  Clicking on that arrow brings up the Courtesy Parking information.

Interestingly the ArcGIS app on an iPad works nicely, as does any browser.



Note: For you technical folks talking about this on Airforums, Facebook, etc, this particular version of the Courtesy Parking map uses the ESRI ArcGIS Online product (free version). The Courtesy Parking data are actual GIS “features” (not shapefiles) with attributes describing the Rally/etc information.  It’s a minor technical difference: the free ArcGIS product doesn’t allow much shapefile generation (unfortunately), nor does it allow the user to publish “services”.  Well, it’s free (smile).

Also – Thanks for all the comments and feedback (especially AirForums).  We’re listening and have already made some progress on some of the other suggestions you have had!  Stay tuned.