Digital Directory – Frequently Asked Questions

WBCCI Digital Directory FAQ                Updated: October 5, 2016

Several questions about the WBCCI Digital Directory are answered here. We hope this covers your concerns and questions. If not, the ECC will try to address your specific concern.

FAQ for Downloading and Searching the Digital Directory
I didn’t have an opportunity to opt-out of being listed.

The 2016 Renewal form asks all members to specify their preference for inclusion in the Digital and Print Directories, and their preferred delivery method (online, mail, or both).

Is my directory information secure?

Most importantly, the WBCCI Digital Directory is NOT posted on any public website. Security takes three forms: first, members can opt-out of the directory if they choose; second, only members in the directory are sent a directory to download from their email, so distribution is controlled; and third, the directory is coded, so the ECC will be informed if it is posted online and it will be removed immediately. The directory can not be downloaded from any website and is not available to the public.

Is the directory PDF file secured; can information be extracted?

It is possible to extract information from the directory. If it were locked, it would not be searchable, and it must be searchable to be useful. There are too many pages to scroll through to find a member.

Who is listed in the directory?

All Regular and Lifetime members whose dues were current at the time of publication, and who didn’t opt-out, are listed. Of these, only those with a known email address received an email with a directory attached.

Why isn’t there a listing of members by number?

Since the directory is completely searchable by number or name, there is no need for a separate list.  Note:  All membership numbers are 5 digits, so when searching for a 3 or 4 digit number, you’ll need to add preceding zeros, i.e.  to find 7982, search for 07982.

Basic user directions:

FAQ for Downloading and Searching the Digital Directory

The directory can be downloaded to a PC, Mac, tablet, or smart phone – any device that receives email.

You must have a PDF reader on your device to view and search the directory.

Above all: Respect fellow members’ information privacy and trust them to respect yours. Do not send the directory to others or post it online. To do so is a violation of the WBCCI privacy policy.

The WBCCI Electronic Communications Committee

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