Google Calendars on your site

Where should it be used?

Within Unit and Regional sites where the webmaster desires to show a list of grid-based calendar of events (usually Rallies).  At the Region level, this capability allows bringing in multiple (Unit) calendars which could ultimately be managed individually by any webmaster capable of supporting a site.


Provides several ways to show the same calendar data, plus enables incorporating “feeds” from other calendars: such as a Regional calendar into a Unit site.


Please Note: Our strong recommendation is to create these calendars using the Google Calendar Accounts owned by wbcci. Every unit and region has a email account already established and if you email we can set the password for you.  There are several reasons for this recommendations:

If you use your personal email account not only does the ECC not have access, so we can’t give you hands-on help with your calendar, only advice via phone or email. 

With the account anyone in your unit or region who has the password can manage the calendar.  If it is constructed with your personal account the calendar must be re-constructed if the job is handed off in the future. 

  • For Unit Event Organizers (if you update the Rally, Event information): Click HERE.
  • For Unit Webmasters: Click HERE.
  • For Region Webmasters: Click HERE.

Calendar Examples:

Region 12

Region 3 




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