PayPal Account Setup

This section details how to setup an initial PayPal account for either Region or Unit use.

How to setup PayPal:

  1. Go to
  2. Use your official Unit treasurer email address (if you have one) when you register your Unit PayPal account.
  3. Select “Business”
  4. Select “Standard $0.00/month” Option
  5. At “Sign up for PayPal Payments Standard”,
  6. Select “Create New Account”, establish “Business Location” and “Language”, select “Create New Account”
  7. Create “Login Information”, “Business Type” can be “Non-Profit”
  8. Complete “Business Information”
  9. Agree & Continue

That completes your PayPal account. To enable the transfer of funds from PayPal  to your bank account, set up payment solutions.

  1.  Select “Manage My Money”, Add your Bank Account Information, and Select “Link your Bank Account”. Then, confirm your bank account.
  2. If you wish to use a mobile Credit Card Scanner, proceed to set up “PayPal Here” and obtain your (currently free) card reader.

Compiled by Ron Gordy, Region 5 and Central Indiana Unit Treasurer