Volunteer Needed for Livestreaming Manager

Volunteer Needed for Livestreaming Manager

The skills needed are a good understanding of audio, audio connections and types, and audio levels.  The candidate will make the arrangements for a one month’s streaming subscription at Primcast.com by reactivating our account, use Paypal to make the payment, and tell the attendant the publish criteria via Primcast’s CHAT mode.

The candidate(s) should be able to commit to streaming the Seminar and IBT Meetings for both the summer and winter meetings.  As the meeting day approaches, the candidate should check the internet connection AND the house audio source at least the day before.  He/she should arrive two hours before the meeting begins for set up.

The equipment is club owned EXCEPT for one or two computers.  The computers would be provided by the candidate.  The current software being used is Microsoft Expression 4, free version.  Normally, we use two computers.  One is for the actual streaming, the other is for recording, providing one copy of each meeting on a thumb drive to the International Secretary plus one copy of all meetings uploaded to wbcci.org.

Training will be done at Huron during actual feeds.

Please contact Fred Steurer with questions.