The ECC Mission

wbac-logo-no-tag-line-no-maskThe mission of the Electronic Communications Committee is to improve communication within the Wally Byam Caravan Club, using electronic communication technology.

From the WBCCI By-Laws:

Electronic Communications   To develop, provide and maintain an advanced community forum for  present  and  potential  club members. Provide  support  to  individual  club, Unit  and Region members and other committees’ effort to exploit the many features available both on and off the Internet. Through  these  combined  efforts,  the  electronic medium  can  be  used  to  increase the club’s presence and relevance to present and potential club members.  (7/5/10)

The ECC’s goals are:

To provide the means for information to flow easily and efficiently from the club’s leadership to members, and members to leadership.

To advance technology use within WBCCI in order to serve the needs of our members.

The goal of this website is:

To inform the membership of our past and current projects and vision for the future of WBCCI technology.

To solicit feedback from members concerning our past performance, current projects, and suggestions for improving technology use.

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